I just updated OBS, and it gave everything a neat graphical lick of paint. Nothing to be alarmed about, I’ve readjusted some of the boxes to make e.g. the VU meter a bit larger, but otherwise everything should work as before.

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RAD 3 is back!

i’ve finally got around to fixing Rad 3, which means we can now have 2 wireless lollypop mics. The issue was the aerial, located in the black plastic bottom, had snapped off, so just needed re-soldering. I’ve attached a blue strip to the top of the mic, which should hopefully be obvious to find from

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Drawer upgrade

Small change: I’ve had the plastic drawers at the front replaced with some wooden ones, so although heavier, it will make them last a bit longer than they have already. This will hold predominantly musical cables so: Along with that, it came with an identical pair, so now there’s one at the back (also on

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We now have spotify premium! This means no more ads during the service, and we can now use our Spotify playlist for before and after the services. I’m inclined to keep the password safe, as they should all be logged on the PCs and tablets by default, but if you do get stuck please just