Drawer upgrade

Drawer upgrade

Small change: I’ve had the plastic drawers at the front replaced with some wooden ones, so although heavier, it will make them last a bit longer than they have already. This will hold predominantly musical cables so:

  • Power Cables (extensions and kettles)
  • 3/4″ Jacks and DI Boxes
  • XLRs

Along with that, it came with an identical pair, so now there’s one at the back (also on wheels). I haven’t populated this fully yet, but: this will hold more AV type cables, so:

  • SDI cables
  • Network Cables e.g. Cat 6
  • HDMI cables & converters, with some USB cables (USB-C and Micro)

Feel free to wheel them away if they’re in the way, and please (please please) remember to put any cables you take out. They should be coiled individually and have a velcro tie – let me know if you find any without (although, if you were feeling generous, there is a blue box in the front music cupboard which has spare velcro ties…)