New Recording process

New Recording process


I’ve made a significant, but hopefully not too intrusive, change to the way in which we will store our sermon recordings.

Story So Far

We stopped streaming, then we moved to recording, and now we’re going back to somewhere in the middle.

It became apparent during my paternity leave that there was no easy way to get the recordings you made on a Sunday onto youtube easily for midweek groups to use as a resource. This obviously means the process is too dependent on one person.

The change is this: we’ll stream the sermon to a private stream on Youtube, and then make it available to everyone afterwards. We’ll do this by having some preset OBS scene changes that are controlled by the Streamdeck/Companion app.

What this CHANGE will look like for you

Create a new stream on YouTube on the streaming PC – like you used to do! Change the title to the Sunday’s date, and just double check it’s a private stream.

Now, instead of clicking “Start Recording” in OBS, head to the homepage of the streamdeck. On there is an inconspicuous “TEST” button. In here you’ll find a “Start Recording” and “Stop Recording” button.

The start recording button will switch to an OBS scene set up to auto play our intro, then fades to the camera scene, before starting the stream.

The stop recording button fades the camera to black, and the sound to mute, then stops the stream.

You’ll then do what you always do; switch between cameras at appropriate moments, paying attention to any slide changes and switching to the ProPresenter OBS scene and back again where applicable.

There should be no side by side images; when the slide changes, show it using ProPresenter scene change button on the streamdeck, then go back to cameras.

It also means you won’t now need to recording the output from ProPresenter.

Please also look at the Recording guide for help on good camera angles.

The main change: don’t click “Start Recording” in OBS, make a new stream on YouTube and navigate to the test menu on the StreamDeck to press “Start Recording” in here instead.

If you have any questions at all, or encounter any issues, please let me know.

Duncan ran this on the Sunday just gone (23rd) to great success.