As a church we have a very strong relationship with St Bede’s School in Redhill and it is really wonderful that so many of our church children seek a place at this school each year.  As a Christian school the majority of the places are given to Christian families who have been regular attenders and members at local churches.  In 2022/3 there are 330 place available – 269 Foundation (Church of England & Catholic) places, 49 Free Church places and 12 Open places.

YEAR 7 ENTRY 2022/2023
The application process begins on 1 September 2021 and ends on 31 October 2021.

If you are seeking a place at St Bede’s, please visit the school website and read the Admissions policy 2022-23

Regular worshipper’ is defined as attendance of one or more parent/carers at worship at least fortnightly for at least three years immediately prior to application. Those who have recently moved to the area and who worshipped previously in a different church or faith community will be asked to supply information so the school can seek a reference showing that the three-year period is covered.

Here at St Mary’s we have two ways of helping parents to mark their attendance:

  • A parent’s register, kept at the back of church, and able to be signed each week
  • Our weekly children’s registers taken for all our children’s groups

If you are seeking a clergy reference from us, please let us know by October 10th.  We will check our attendance records and get back to you by October 16th 2021. 

The period between September 1st 2018 and October 31st 2021 (the last three years before the admission deadline) has been dramatically impacted by the restrictions on worship caused by Covid-19.   As this is the case, parents and carers will be considered to have attended worship at the church on the same basis as their attendance prior to March 15th 2020 and following September 12th 2021. 

If you need any help with any of this, please do get in touch with Simon Kruger (Head of Operations) by email or by calling the office.