sunday 05 FEB


Streamdeck screenlayout

I’ve updated the screen Layout page on the stream Deck. I’ve removed the option of “Round” as this is almost redundant now, and have added a toggle ability to more clearly indicate which of the three categories is selected without swivelling round to read it from the front of the video hub.

Have a look at the image below, or try it out

A reminder: after the evening service please return to the Screen Layout option to the “Front Laptop” please

VideoHub naming update

Minor change: I’ve tweaked the names on the VideoHub (40×40) to shorten them from “Stagebox 1” / “Floorbox 1” to “SB01″/”FB01” – This naming function now mirrors the names in the physical floorboxes themselves, and puts greater emphasis on the port number (111, 113 etc) – which in my mind is the most important bit of information, although granter it doesn’t indicate whether it’s an input or output

Any issues please let me know though

Drawer upgrade

Small change: I’ve had the plastic drawers at the front replaced with some wooden ones, so although heavier, it will make them last a bit longer than they have already. This will hold predominantly musical cables so:

  • Power Cables (extensions and kettles)
  • 3/4″ Jacks and DI Boxes
  • XLRs

Along with that, it came with an identical pair, so now there’s one at the back (also on wheels). I haven’t populated this fully yet, but: this will hold more AV type cables, so:

  • SDI cables
  • Network Cables e.g. Cat 6
  • HDMI cables & converters, with some USB cables (USB-C and Micro)

Feel free to wheel them away if they’re in the way, and please (please please) remember to put any cables you take out. They should be coiled individually and have a velcro tie – let me know if you find any without (although, if you were feeling generous, there is a blue box in the front music cupboard which has spare velcro ties…)


We now have spotify premium! This means no more ads during the service, and we can now use our Spotify playlist for before and after the services.

I’m inclined to keep the password safe, as they should all be logged on the PCs and tablets by default, but if you do get stuck please just ask me!

SPLASH page now live


Let Josh know what you’d like to see here!! Here’s what’s still to come:

  • A more advanced and up-to-date Change Log
  • Updated list of helpful documents: how to Guides and more
  • A more advanced way to log errors encountered


This is an update

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