Day 007 | Hannah B

DAY 07 | hannah B

Josh Says:

Hannah has successfully depicted what the inside of my brain looks like, wrappered in the gorgeousness of Hannah’s aesthetic. Its chaotic and hard to follow, and yet completely true and actually when you take the time to zoom in on indivudal aspects oh the bigger picture it actually makes perfect sense and you can see how it all fits together.

“a greenhouse for faith to grow” – I’ve been reading the story of Jesus entering the wilderness in Matthew 4, and how it was the spirit that lead him there. Odd, isn’t it? Entering Babylon willingly. Like Daniel & co in Daniel 1 who learn the “language and literature” of Babylon, and they then apply this by showing the inhabitants of the city God’s favour through fasting. It hinges on your choice. How you respond to the greenhouse – do you break a window to get out, or do you use it to grow quicker, faster, stronger?

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