Day 002 | Josh


Chained to the pocket

Dopamines rocket

Distraction device stuck by glue

And try as I might

Though I hold it so tight

Of my fingers: watch the hours slip through


So I put it away.

I abstain for a day.

From the drawer, I hear Babylons din:

Youre in exile, slave!

And youll swipe to your grave!

Out it comes once again to blend in


With my knees firmly bowed

And just one of a crowd

I remember the truth of a king

Hes the one whos not dead

Who holds me tight instead

And he whispers: Stand up, and breath in


And the air! Its so clear

Standing up from the fear

Of a culture and king decomposed

For the babe of nativity

Gives us life not captivity

With him king Bablons lies are exposed!

Josh Says:

Aah, poetry. A short piece on reflection of being chained to our phones and devices, and of how tightly we hold them. How much more so then does our king and saviour hold us in response to the rubbish from Babylon?

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