Loving and following God means we worship Him.
We take time in our days to focus on Him, celebrate and adore Him, proclaim truths about Him, give Him glory, honour and praise. He is worthy of it all.


When we focus on God, our perspective shifts. We’re reminded of his greatness, his faithfulness, his goodness, his power.  During this difficult time when we may feel worry about all that is going on in the world, especially with Covid-19, it is even more important that we worship, that we raise our eyes and look up to Him. 

As we spend time reminding ourselves of all that God is, our worry diminishes and we are reminded of the hope, joy and peace that are found in Him. So if you’re worried, look up, up to Him, and worship. Give it to God.

Read Matthew 6:25-34

Why not rewrite this passage in your own words as if Jesus was saying these words directly to you.


Let’s use this opportunity of a new way of life to work on our daily engagement with God. We need Him every day and we should praise Him every day.

It would be great to start each morning if possible with a time of worship and prayer. 

You could:

  • Listen or sing along to a worship song
    (check out our Spotify if you want some ideas)
  • Read a psalm and reflect on it.
    Pray as you feel led from it.
  • Use an app or book that helps you read scripture and pray each day. (We’ll add some suggestions soon, or ask your friends what they use.)
  • Check out the St Mary’s Reigate social media – we’re putting #dailydevotion posts up regularly.


Whilst we’re all at home all the time it could very quickly become like groundhog day, and keeping boundaries from work becomes even more important. But God created a weekly day for rest. A day to be set apart. A day to worship. A day to be kept holy. So let’s obey that.  

  • Light a candle, praise God and offer your sabbath day to Him.
  • We’ll be worshipping together as the scattered church online with a Sunday service each week – please join in with that.
  • You could spend time deliberately as a family worshipping together, with songs, readings, and prayers. Why not write your own psalms?
  • Sabbath is a day to spend with the ones we love, so pick up the phone and talk to them, and maybe you could pray with them too.