Practical tools

Practical tools for conferencing with others

If you are hearing words like Zoom, Skype and Webex being bandied about and aren’t sure how to join in, here are links to finding out more. 

Community is a vital part of our personal spiritual health and a great way to support others so do explore!  Includes details of 4 telephone ‘chat rooms’ exclusive to St Mary’s where up to multiple callers can arrange to meet and chat together.  

If you would like to try to set any of these up for your group but are struggling, then do contact NIGEL ( and I shall try to help you get there.

Skype: A guide for parents

You’ve probably heard of Skype – most windows 10 computers offer this within their software.  Otherwise visit  and download the version that fits your computer (mac or PC) or device/ phone. 

A new up and coming rival which everyone seems to be using suddenly is Zoom

Also newer and very reliable with scope for sharing documents is Webex Highly recommended.

I know several lifegroups are meeting through ‘Houseparty’ which seems to work equally well on Phones and Computers.

All of the above services come free of charge but note your members will need computers with cameras and microphones or, alternatively, smartphones.

Last and by no means least, if digital technology isn’t for you but you would like to connect with a few friends at once via your phone we have set up telephone chatrooms.  Take your pick from one of four.  The numbers stay consistently the same for each one and the moderator doesn’t need to be present so anyone can jump in with anyone else provided they have the same room number and code.

St Mary’s Room 1
Dial: 03300 945 940
Room number: 24524087 #
Guest PIN: 1946 #
St Mary’s Room 2
Dial: 03300 945 940
Room number: 95709808 #
Guest PIN: 3434 #  
St Mary’s Room 3
Dial: 03300 945 940
Room number: 23140890 #
Guest PIN: 2387 #
St Mary’s Room 4
Dial: 03300 945 940
Room number: 31680243 #
Guest PIN: 8543 #