Please join us in creating a heart pebble trail across the whole of Reigate for young families to enjoy!

Paint a heart stone and place it outside you house. 


  • Firstly, to kick start our new topic based around the verse for this term: ‘Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your mind and all your strength and love your neighbour as yourself.’

    As this is the first week of our topic, we’re focussing on loving God with all our hearts and that is the first reason for planning a heart pebble trail – a trail that will remind us to keep on loving through these tough times.
  • The second reason is because it’s a community wide activity which will share the love with our neighbours.
  • And three it’ll give families with little ones an extra incentive on their daily walks!!

IMPORTANT! Let GEN GRIFFITHS know when you’ve put out a stone so that she can keep a bit of a map in order to help direct families to good spots to walk! And look out for Monty who’ll be in a different window of our house each week!