Our Purpose

Our Purpose: ‘Building a Community to Reach a Community with the Love of God’

We believe that God has called us into PARTNERSHIP with him to see our Parish and Wider Community TRANSFORMED by his Love.
We are committed to playing our part as:

A church that seeks to be open and accessible to all, inviting everyone to experience God’s infinite love and welcome.
A Caring Community in which the needs of others are recognised and acted upon.

A community in which REAL LIFE is shared, lived out and celebrated.
Where life in all its fullness (Jn10:10) is something we work towards together.
A church where worship is marked by a sense of God’s presence and life changing power.

A SHARING Community
A Community where LIFE, FAITH and HOPE are freely shared and lived out in our wider community.
An OUTWARD looking, mission minded community that cares for the needs of others.
A church that seeks to live out the gospel message of love, of freedom, of equality and of justice both locally and globally.
A church where generosity flows in response to God’s generosity – where all are encouraged to give as well as receive.

A GROWING Community
A church with a desire to know God better, where there is a hunger to engage with the Bible as God’s word and to grow in prayer and service.
A community with a desire to learn with and from each other as fellow disciples of Jesus Christ.
A church growing spiritually and numerically – as our neighbours find a new relationship with God – and growing in confidence as we experience God working in and through us in his world.

We are committed to making this a living reality and recognise that everyone at St Mary’s has a part to play in this.
In order to help make this part of our everyday life, the leadership team at St Mary’s regularly discuss what our priorities should be for the coming years.