Say Hi to Jen! We asked her some questions to find out a little bit about who she is and why she's decided on a discipleship year at St Mary's

Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself

and your journey so far with St Mary’s?

Hi there, my name is Jen and I have been coming to St Marys for about 4 years now. I originally started coming to the youth group in late 2015 early 2016 when a friend invited me along. I then came to the evening services with the youth and have been coming ever since! I Reaffirmed my baptismal vows in 2018 here at St Marys and I am so grateful for the church family and the friends I have made here.

I love helping with the kids work on a Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings. I am a leader at Girls Brigade and am a volunteer at Tots Praise too!

What has inspired you to do the discipleship year and DNA?

I always wanted to take a gap year / training year after I finished School so when I found out that the church was starting one up, I was really excited about that and interested in it. I spend a lot of my time volunteering for the church so putting it into a formal role where they can help me grow and develop just seemed like an amazing opportunity for me. As well as talking with the great DNA team who invest so much into me to really get everything out of this year.

What are your hopes for the year, and what do you look forward to getting involved in?
Just to delve deeper into different areas in the church and see what gifts and talents I can use in the future. I am particularly looking forward to getting involved with the pastoral care in the church also women’s ministry, youth ministry and worship.

What are you most nervous about?
Making sure I can fit everything in and really get the most out of this year while having time to be still and process my year.

How can we be praying for you during this year?
Motivation and a real sense of Peace. Also, knowledge of what God is saying to me throughout this year and plans for my future to start falling into place

It’s so great to be able to welcome Jen to the team! We’re looking forward to watching her grow throughout the year as she learns more about King Jesus and his kingdom, and through this lens discovers more about who she is and the purpose he has placed on her life.

You’ll see Jen in services on Sunday, and she’ll be working very hard behind the scenes in a lot of what St Mary’s hosts over this next year. Do say hello to her when you get the opportunity to see her.

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