Katie 🙁

we asked katie some questions to hear about her experience of st mary's disicipleship year, and document her chance to share some of the journey she's been on

Where are you going next, and how can we pray for you? 

After much prayer and many (long!) chats with family members and trusted leaders, I am so pleased to share that I’ll be returning to my home in the Middle East. As many of you know, I grew up between Jerusalem and Amman, where my dad’s side of the family live and minister. I’ll be initially returning to Amman, with the intention of settling more permanently in Jerusalem once borders are open. 

I’m very excited to find my feet again in these home cultures of mine… living somewhere as a child is very different to when you’re a young adult, and I’m sure there will be plenty of joys and challenges along the way. My initial year will be spent improving my Arabic and (currently fairly non-existent!) Hebrew language skills, as well as volunteering with local ministries to begin getting a feel for what God may be calling me to in the long-term. 

I would be so grateful for your prayers for wisdom, faith & courage. Wisdom to discern God’s voice, faith to trust that He’s in every little thing and courage to do whatever He’s asking of me.


What are you going to miss most about St Mary’s? 

So many things! I’ll miss my life group, bumping into people in town and having impromptu catch-ups and, of course, worshipping with everyone (already missing that so much.) Most of all (and they know this!) I’ll miss our gorgeous young people. Getting to do life with them and watch them grow in knowing & trusting Jesus has been the greatest joy of all. 


What activities have been your highlights this year?   

Organising the IF:Gathering women’s event this past February was such a treat. The idea of a diverse, gospel-centred discipleship conference for women being live-streamed globally sounded too good to be true, but it did really live up to all the hype. It was also an immense blessing to work alongside some profoundly anointed & gifted servant leaders in our church to make it all happen. 


Where do you think you have grown the most this year? 

I’d say (and I hope those around me might agree) that I’ve grown so much in learning to love God and love people better throughout my internship. I’ve learned loads about the value of rest and margin for hearing God’s voice and experiencing intimacy with Him. I’ve also learned how setting healthy boundaries for yourself equips you to serve people so much better. It’s something we tend not to talk about much, because it doesn’t sound too glamorous or impressive in such a hustle/ career-driven world, but it’s deeply transformational. 


What do you feel you need to continue growing in? 

Honestly- and this is personal!- I’m always needing to grow in the knowledge and belief of God’s love for me as I am, without needing to strive or earn. For someone who gains a lot of her sense of value by helping out, it can be difficult to imagine being deeply loved and considered worthy on the days when I can barely motivate myself to get out of bed. But when His love becomes my foundation, it also becomes my life source, and I’m able to give out and bless others so much more. 

What is your prayer for St Mary’s as you leave? 

My prayer for St Mary’s is that each individual church family member would increasingly know and be aware that this not our church, it’s Jesus’. I find that so liberating, because it takes the pressure off us to feel like we have to manufacture results or project a certain image. I also find it so humbling, because it reminds us that this is not a club or a democracy: it’s a Kingdom, we have a King, and His Word is perfect and final. I pray that we’d know that the answer is always to focus on knowing, loving and obeying Him. 


Anything else to say? 

Only that I am so grateful to be part of a church family that bears Christ’s image in so many beautiful ways. I love you all. 

And to the young people & youth team: save your next silent disco for when I come visit! 

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