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What is it about the 'missing generation' that makes them invaluable to God and to the church?
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For experiences outside of themselves. They’re a generation that asks bigger questions more frequently than at any other point of history.

But not as we know it. They expect the teacher to adapt, rather than themselves. Our job is to sensitively help them without sharp critique. Is the church ready to humble itself to move towards them?

The next generation values authenticity above all else – and they’re good at testing it too. If you’re one person on a Sunday and someone else by Monday morning, they’ll suss.

They’re leaders who are willing to lead, and they’re ready to start now. They’re not perfect, but their measure of success is vastly different to previous generations. Reaching the top of a corporation with a mortgage and a family isn’t the top of the mountain anymore.

They know that one day they’ll no longer be the ‘next generation’, so they want to cram as much meaning into their lives as possible. One day they’ll be teaching their next generation what you have or haven’t taught them. How can we disciple them to become disciple making disciples?